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  • Model Number: 5 Pound

Known for surviving under extreme conditions, fine fescues can be found thriving in infertile, dry soils, deep shade and where turf is neglected, tortured and forgotten.  

This low growing grass and wildflower meadow mixture is very dark green, shade and drought tolerant with low water requirements and intended for those areas that require low maintenance, such as transition areas in backyard lawns, parks, ditch banks, road cuts, berms or golf course roughs.

  • UPC: 034500987721
  • Manufacturer: Earth Carpet Lawn Seed

Care-Free Mix is the perfect solution for difficult to manage sites! This mixture of fine fescues thrives in infertile, dry soils, deep shade and wherever turfgrass is neglected, tortured or forgotten.

A mixture of hardy, cool season grasses, that are drought tolerant and adapt well to the Northern Great Intermountain regions. It provides a good, palatable spring forage and fair regrowth in the fall. This mix may produce a hay crop depending upon available moisture. Widely adapted to many soil types and elevations of 3,000 to 10,000 feet. Ideal for areas not receiving regular irrigation.

A mixture developed for elevations of 3,000 to 8,000 feet to provide natural cover under dryland conditions. Contains both cool and warm season grasses adapted to the Western Great Plains and Southwest region. Has excellent cold and drought tolerance. Good for soil stabilization on poor soils.

A mixture of low growing cool season grasses and native wildflowers. This mix is excellent from 5,000 to 9,000 feet in elevation. Wildflowers will bloom in late spring through summer and into the fall.

A mixture of perennial, cool season grasses formulated with varieties that produce the highest quality and yielding forage. These grasses are palatable and excellent for grazing and hay production. Performs well in the Intermountain West as well as the High Plains of the Rocky Mountain region.

A mixture of perennial, cool season, drought tolerant, grasses suitable for areas where mowing is difficult or not desirable. It grows an average of 8-12 inches a year with normal rainfall in the Intermountain region and the Desert Southwest. This mix is a great soil stabilizer. Our wildflower mixes are very compatible with this mix.

Arkansas Valley Fine Fescue. Sizes available from 2lb to 50 lb sacks.