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  • Manufacturer: Fiebing Company, Inc.

Fiebing's signature product. Used all over the world on fine saddlery, boots, shoes and other smooth leather articles. Cleans leather and lubricates the fibers to prevent brittleness, all the while maintaining suppleness and strength. 

Fiebing's Black Saddle Soap Paste works especially well on all black harness and tack.

  • Model Number: D2729

North American Pipe's Sewer & Drain ASTM D2729 PVC product line is manufactured to meet the needs of residential waste water control, residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural rain leader and storm runoff systems, radon remediation and other non-pressure applications.

  • UPC: 084369153850
  • Model Number: 153850
The best all-around scoop you'll ever use. Enclosed design reduces spillage, and measuring is easy with built-in graduation marks which are perfect for feed, supplements, and seed. The flat bottom allows you to set the scoop down without tipping over, and makes the scoops stackable for storage. Ample 3-quart size, made of heavy-duty polypropylene for long life. Available in multiple colors to mix and match. 6.25 inch long by 6 inch wide by 9.25 inch high.

  • Enclosed design reduces spillage
  • Graduation marks for easy measuring
  • Flat bottom lets you set scoop down without tipping over
  • Stackable design made of heavy-duty polypropylene
  • Holds 3 quarts

  • SKU: 029049091442

Specially formulated and lightly scented, these bug and fly catchers are for household and farm use. Simply unroll and hang to control flying insects. The Catchmaster® adhesive attracts flying insects to the ribbon where they are caught. Thumbtack is included for hanging.

  • Model Number: 2065

Our deluxe quality, top grain cowhide driver work gloves have a Gunn-cut style palm and an open cuff with a shirred wrist.

  • Model Number: 160

Our Contractor XC™ gloves are the perfect blend of durability and comfort with our XtraCoverage™ abrasion resistant palm, spandex back, padded knuckles and cuff, these work gloves call the job site “home.”

  • Manufacturer: Allied Precision
  • Model Number: 7521

This De-icer is designed to float in the water tank and is thermostatically controlled with an automatic shut-off. The Styrofoam float is completely enclosed within a rugged plastic housing. The cord exits from the top of the unit. This gives the heater added stability and it is less likely to tip the tank. Patented.

  • Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company
  • SKU: 22102074215

This unit is designed to heat water as opposed to de-icing water. A stainless-steel guard protects the durable heating element that will heat water past 150°F towards boiling, depending on the bucket’s volume and insulation. It comes with a 6 foot cord and is designed to rest easily inside a 5 gallon bucket. The heater is thermostatically controlled with over-temperature protection. For use in water only.

  • Manufacturer: Allied Precision
  • SKU: 22102200201
  • Model Number: 2002DP

These Universal Drain Plug De-icers mount securely into the tank drain hole to keep the heating element away from livestock. The 2002DP has a specially designed plug to fit through all drain holes 3/4” diameter or larger.

  • Manufacturer: Little Giant Miller Mfg.
  • SKU: 84369008259
  • Model Number: TM825

Little Giant Trough-O-Matic Float Valves automatically control the water level for most plastic and metal stock tanks, troughs, barrels, and pans. The all-plastic valve flows up to 245 gallons per hour and operates at pressure between 20 and 50 psi.

  • Manufacturer: Allied Precision
  • SKU: 22102003307

The Guard may be used with the Floating, Sinking, or 2 in 1 De-icers and is specially designed to protect rubber, plastic, or structural-foam tanks.

  • Manufacturer: Bonide
  • SKU: 076807051002

THE original fly catcher ribbon. Guaranteed not to dry out, leak in transit and storage, or be messy and obnoxious to use, like others are. Our "EZ Grab Tab" unfurls the ribbon cleanly and easily.