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  • Manufacturer: Age Old Organics

Bloom is an odorless formula that supplies plants with a fast-acting, natural source of nutrients high in phosphorus. The high phosphate levels encourage early flowering and better fruitset for most fruiting plants and vegetables. Liquid Bloom may be used in both foliar feed and soil drench applications, soak roots in diluted Liquid Bloom before transplanting for a greater root mass.

  • Manufacturer: Age Old Organics

Grow is a natural based, odorless, high nitrogen, plant fertilizer. It has a 2-1 nitrogen ratio to enhance a plants growth and vigor. It encourages early growth, greater flowering and better fruit set for all indoor and outdoor plants. Liquid Grow may be used as both a foliar feed and a soil drench. Use Grow on your plants during the vegetative stage.

Place your plants directly into EKO Organic Outdoor Planting Mix, and water in. Plant at a depth according to instructions provided by your local nursery, or information on identification tag.

Growing plants indoors and outdoors in containers is becoming more popular all the time, and it is easy as well as rewarding. Using EKO Organic Potting Mix takes the guesswork out of planting, because it contains everything your plants need to be beautiful, strong and healthy. Due to it’s unique organic components, EKO Organic Potting Mix is the ideal mix for all types of plants. It offers nutrient value not found in most potting mixes

  • Manufacturer: Evergreen Enterprises
  • Model Number: 25850

This jeweled dragon fly stepping stone will look great near any garden! 

  • Model Number: CHA12998

Garden stones are cast in resin to emulate the look of real stone. A keyhole hanger is cast in back for easy hanging or the garden stones can be placed on the ground. Dimensions: 8 H x 10.5 W.

  • Manufacturer: Evergreen Enterprises
  • Model Number: EG842077

High quality indoor or outdoor decorative resin stone to memorialize your pet.

“I’ll be a Country Uncle!” is a saying my grandmother used to use when something surprised her. Although I’m not entirely sure if that old southern expression has any ties to this daylily, once you see the 6″, rosy pink with a hint of peach blooms on this charmer, you may be surprised to find yourself saying the exact same thing. Fragrant.

An exceptionally good hybrid Speedwell, this forms a very low spreading mat of glossy evergreen leaves. Tiny sky-blue flowers smother the plant in mid to late spring, then appear now and again through the summer. Plants tolerate a range of different soil types and conditions, from moist to dry. An easy low-care perennial. Suitable for growing in between flagstones or along pathways, and excellent as a massed groundcover over a large or small area. 

Handsome plant bears masses of bright pink flowers on short spikes from early to midsummer. Creates a wonderful, colorful groundcover; well-suited to the edges of perennial borders. Deer resistant. Attracts butterflies. Prefers consistently moist soils.

Known as the Horned Pansy, the small evergreen perennial produces flowers with the expected five petals, but two of which are lanced-shaped and extend upwards, much like horns. It comes usually in sky blue, lavender and purple, and as good spreaders, the Horned Pansy can be quick to cover a large area. It thrives in moist but well-drained soil, and since it is happy in light shade can be an excellent option for underplanting. Pruning after flowering is recommended.

Plants are midsized and upright, with very uniform blooming over a long season. This selection has clusters of rich strawberry-red flowers, each with a tiny yellow eye. Excellent for cutting. Nice in the border and for massed planting. Deadheading faded blooms should encourage more buds to form over a long season.

  • Model Number: REP1290

Great looking 5 x 17 inch tin thermometer features a durable powder-coat process to withstand the elements and the great licensed art you expect from River's Edge. 

  • Model Number: REP1375

Great looking 5 x 17 inch tin thermometer features a durable powder-coat process to withstand the elements and the great licensed art you expect from River's Edge.