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About Us

Babcock's Garden and Feed, inc.

Founded in 2009 by Darwin & Cindy Babcock, with 16 years of professional experience, as well as over 30 years of personal experience. Our goal is to provide reliable and exceptional help for landscaping, construction, and gardening needs!

Honesty, Reliability, and Affordability we know that you will come back time and time again for these things. With this in mind we offer the highest quality products, reliable installation, but also a friendly team dedicated to answering your questions. Babcock's Garden & Feed is a pleasant and affordable way to turn the everyday into a Statement with Style. We seek to contribute not only to the beauty, value, and functionality of your home. We also strive to improve your over all enjoyment of the aesthetics and appearance of your home.

We carry a wide range of bulk materials such as; mulch, flagstone, gravel and sand. We have a nice selection of live plants such as small perennials and annuals. We also carry large trees and shrubs, as well as wildflowers, grass, and vegetable seeds for year-round planting. Inside our store you can find - not only quality Purina Feed products for horses, chickens, wild birds, dogs, cats & more - but we have a gift shop, too! We will also deliver to your home or farm. Located in Kittredge Colorado, between Evergreen and Morrison.