Frequently Asked Questions

What do you sell?

A: We offer a variety of products and services including; bulk products, feed, garden supplies, landscaping, and other customized structures. We strive to serve our community, if you are looking for a product or service of any size, we're here to help. Our technicians and specialists are waiting to hear from you!

Do you deliver?

A: Delivery available on any purchase. Delivery fees may vary by product, distance, and location. Please ask your service representative for full details.

How do you sell your Bulk Yard products?

A: We offer many items by the load, yards, tons, and even 5 gallon buckets. Prices vary by quantity and type. Please contact our local office for pricing and details.

How much product should I purchase?

A: If you are uncertain how much road base you need to fill a hole, or how many yards of soil you should buy for your garden. Our team of experienced technicians can provide consultations, estimates, quotes on supplies, installation, and other assistance.
We also offer this helpful table which applies to most fill dirt, squeegee, sand, and 3/8th inch pea gravel, 3/4th inch gravel, road base, and recycled asphalt.

Depth of Material One Ton of Product Covers
1" deep 240 sq. feet
2" deep 120 sq. feet
3" deep 80 sq. feet
4" deep 60 sq. feet
5" deep 50 sq. feet
6" deep 40 sq. feet
12" deep 20 sq. feet

** May Vary due to product/material size **

What Plants do you sell?

A: Our selection varies by season and local availability. In preparation for spring we offer a large selection of fruit and vegetable plants as well as other perennials and annuals. We maintain a large selection of seeds year-round.

How often do I have to water?

A: There are many visual and physical clues that can indicate the overall health of your plant, here is a short list of signs to look for.
• Many types of vegetation will signal a need for additional water by changing the position of their leaves. Typically plants whose leaves are raised towards the sun are in need of a drink.
• Leaves become translucent, brown or dried, or curl at the ends.
• Leaves or flowers grow slowly, drop prematurely, or are yellow in hue.
• You can also evaluate soil moisture at about one inch depth by sticking one finger in the dirt to about your second knuckle.

How can I tell if I am over watering or drowning my plants?

A: It's better to underwater than to over water your plants. It is advised that you never allow plants to sit in a muddy or mushy soil mixture.
• Plants that have received too much water will often point their leaves down towards the ground, or appear to be slouching to one side.
• Young and old leaves fall off at the same time.
• Root rot - Mushy, brown, or odorous roots - are seen in the bottom of the pot
• Standing water in container or puddling near outdoor plants
• Flowers and fresh stems become moldy
• Leaves develop soft or brown spots and grow erratically if at all

When do I need to add water to my water feature?

A: The amount of water you need will depend on the size and overall ambient temperature. Particularly warm or cold days may need additional maintenance.
• If you notice the standing water line drop has significantly
• The pump is exposed/making a lot of noise/unable to pump water
• Fish or plants are exposed or unable to fully submerge roots or gills.

Do you offer all season installation and repairs?

A: Yes, we will happily install or maintenance your custom feature year-round. We do offer seasonal discounts on products and services. Please contact our local office for further details.

What are your hours of operations and when can I schedule my next project?

A: Monday through Friday from 8am until 5pm MST and Saturday from 8:30 to 4:30pm. You are welcome to call and leave a message during evening and weekends, and we will contact you back at our next available convenience. If this is an emergency, we request you shut off power and/or water pressure to the affected feature and if needed call 911.

And our most popular question: Where is Darwin?

A: Darwin, our masterful engineer is on job sites, with customers, and coordinating with the shop to ensure quality and satisfaction. As originator of our unique designs, and often busy developing custom creations; Darwin is rarely found in the office. Although Darwin is essential to the continuance and success of our business, any one of our trained staff can help answer your questions, plan a feed order, pick up, load bulk items, or point you in the right direction. All our staff have received personalized and comprehensive training on-site or in the field with Darwin. If we are unable to provide an immediate answer, we will research the question and contact you back.

If you're looking to schedule a large landscaping or water feature, feel free to stop into our conveniently located store in Kittredge, or please call us at 303-670-3656 or email us at cindy@babcockgardenfeed.com.